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Pathology Medical Student Interest Group (PMSIG)

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BirknessJacqueline birkness.jacqueline@medstudent.pitt.eduTreasurer (2014-2016)
Contact us with any questions!PMSIG Email
DeFrancesMariedefrancesmc@upmc.eduFaculty Advisor; Director of the MGP Fellowship Training Program; Associate Director of the Cellular and Molecular Pathology Training Program
FarchoukhLamalama.farchoukh@upmc.eduResident Liaison; PGY2 Pathology Resident
JobbagySomajobbagy.soma@medstudent.pitt.eduPresident (2014-2016)
JonesTerriJONES.TERRELL@medstudent.pitt.eduVice-President (2014-2016)
JuarezMiguelJuarez.Jose.Miguel@medstudent.pitt.eduAutopsy Discovery Program Co-coordinator (2015-2016)
MacphersonTrevortmacpherson@mail.magee.eduFaculty Advisor; Pathology Residency Director, UPMC
OlevianDaneoleviand@upmc.eduResident Liaison; PGY3 Pathology Resident
YohannesSimon YOHANNES.SIMON@medstudent.pitt.eduSecretary and Autopsy Discovery Program Co-coordinator (2015-2016)

 About PMSIG

Welcome to the Pathology Medical Student Interest Group (PMSIG) Zone webpage! PMSIG was established to address the concern that most medical students receive a limited exposure to pathology during medical school. Our group’s goals are to enhance medical students’ understanding of the role of pathology in patient care, provide students with research and career opportunities in pathology, and foster mentoring relationships between students, residents, and faculty.

The group also aims to help students appreciate the diverse career opportunities in pathology. For instance, in addition to forensic pathology, other opportunities in the field include surgical pathology, which involves the gross and microscopic examination of surgical specimens, clinical pathology, which involves the laboratory analysis of bodily fluids and tissues, and molecular pathology, which marries anatomic and clinical pathology with molecular biology, genetics, and proteomics.

We have many interesting events planned for the 2014-2015 year, including the Autopsy Discovery Program with Dr. Nine, which culminates in a poster presentation on autopsy results, a panel with pathology residents, and lunch talks about different specialties in pathology (with free food!). Please sign up for our email subscription to hear about our upcoming events!

Video about what pathology has to offer!


Post-Sophomore Fellowship in Pathology 
by Kang, Liang-I
 10/11/2009 8:06 PM


There are currently no upcoming events.


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